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About Me:

I live in Ithaca NY, and am currently 18 years old, and will be attending the Dual Degree Program at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts to study Fine Art and Environmental Science this fall in Boston, MA. My interest in land art began when I was just 8 years old. I have done many installations in Upstate New York and throughout New England, as well as in Morocco and Canada. However, I have a special connection to the Finger Lakes region where I grew up.

I only use found natural materials in my work. This includes stones, sticks, ice, shells, bones, petals, leaves, and even crab shells. I create pieces only when there is a natural fit between what I gather and my immediate surroundings. In this sense, my work is exceedingly site specific, dynamic, and often fleetingly ephemeral. Some efforts are literally blown away by the wind even before they are completed. Others decay over weeks, and a few are knocked down. In all cases, the work finds transcendent beauty in the hidden corners, small moments, and secret symmetries that abound in the natural world, but often go unnoticed and unseen by those passing through these ecosystems.

I developed my artistic skills through years of practice with no formal training, which has led me to construct, what I think, to be a very unique and introspective style. A style that both parallels and diverges from a number of traditional characteristics of modern and contemporary land art.

I recently hosted 2 solo exhibitions within the span of several months, and have had numerous showings over the past several years. All of these exhibitions focus on drawing attention to the instability of the environment and the future of where a multitude of our fragile ecosystems are headed. I want to express this fragility, resilience, and beauty with my art, despite its impermanence and ephemeral nature.

All art and photography by Ned Carlson