Ice and Snow

Ice and snow are fascinating materials to work with. They are exceedingly fragile, but have the potential to create amazing installations that play with both light and shape.

Although Winter does provide ice and snow, it is severely lacking in variety, as there is little to no other vegetation growing. This is a problem I run into every year, but usually I can subsidize this issue by finding other creative ways to use what little is provided.

Recycled materials

Often times I find myself reusing old materials from the fall during the Winter. This usually consists of old dried leaves, nuts, etc., yet despite their age I find that in the right setting they can be reborn and seen in a completely different light.

Occasionally I will take materials completely out of context and place in locations where they just simply do not fit. This creates an impactful and moving scene, full of life and complexity where in the cold ice and snow, there is little to none.


“Art can be made anywhere, perhaps seen by few people, or not recognized as art when they do.”
— Richard Long

All art and photography by Ned Carlson