About Me~

My name is Ned Carlson. I am 14 years old and live in beautiful Ithaca NY. I love being outside and immersed in nature. I spend my free time (when I'm not doing homework or studying) in the woods, hiking, biking, or playing soccer.


Why I love Art~

I love art because it presents such unlimited potential. I do not only create, but I learn and I constantly strive to improve my techniques as an artist. I do this by constantly drawing, doodling, and studying how other people in the artist community interpret art. When I draw or paint, I let nature inspire me, as nature (in my opinion) holds more texture, color, and diversity, than any man-made object in the world.

-Rock Cairn,Litte Deer Isle

-Rock Cairn, Mt.Eisenhower


My Inspiration~


Other Artists:

When I first started becoming interested in art, I studied how other artists created, and expressed their ideas. I looked at many artists, mediums, and styles, but their was one particular one that interested me. This obviously was Land Art. Several inspirational figures I found were Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long, and Robert Smithson. Why these people? Because they seemed to understand that you cannot force art, and you should take advantage of your surroundings; whether it be stones, sticks, leaves, or ice. I built off of this philosophy and have my own moral code not to use any man-made objects in any of my installations. 


Me as an artist:

As an artist, I always have a constant urge to be improving and making new art. I am constantly doodling and when I am in the woods, or gorges of Ithaca, NY contracting an installation; even the smallest of imperfections drives me to madness.

Contact Info:

Email- nc.carlsoned@gmail.com