Art is a mind set, as much as it is the physical space it rests in. Art is a liquid. It is elusive, but when contained and consumed, it is overwhelmingly satisfying. Art flows as blood through the Earth, and everything on it. We don't stop to think that something as common and uninteresting as a rock, leaf, or stick, has this blood flowing through it.

Art is in Everything.


-Old leaves on waterfall, Ithaca NY


...This means that everything has the potential to be art. As art has no definitive form, you can take any object and transform it into art. This is essentially what land art builds off of. Land art is the art of taking objects (natural) found in nature, and turing them into something more; to give them life. Land art recycles the old to make the new in an endless cycle. All Land art comes from the earth, and terminally returns. There is potential in everything.